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Terms and conditions


Participants 18+ must sign an Acknowledgment and release form prior to taking part in any activities.
Parents/Guardians must sign a acknowledgment and release form for any child under 18 years old.


Rescheduling is allowed within 3 days notice.

No refund will be provided for late arrivals or for people that do not turn up.

We ask customers to arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to booking.

No cancellations will be accepted due to wet or windy weather, unless otherwise instructed by Adventure Spain, at which time a gift certificate or rescheduling will be offered must be used within 12 months.

We reserve the right to change or alter the adventure for safety reasons or in extreme weather conditions.

We reserve the right to stop any of our passengers from continuing any of our ride session, if our safety safety instructions are not followed by the passenger, or if the passengers behave in an unacceptable manner.

Customer will be refused our rides if they appear affected by alcohol or drugs of any kind. 100% cancellation fee applies in this situation.


No refund under 3 days notice
25 euros fee for rescheduling with at least 3 days notice


  • No jumping vehicles
  • No fishtails
  • Must not use phone whilst riding
  • Must not use camera whilst riding
  • No medical conditions
  • No riding with injuries
  • No alcohol or drugs before or during riding
  • Must wear helmet and have strap fastened for duration of the ride
  • Must have enclosed shoes on at all times
  • One person per bike
  • No racing
  • No donuts
  • No sudden swerving