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Our tours

We are proud to be one of a very few companies on the coast that can offer tours on both buggies and quads.

Both buggies and quads are great fun and your choice may depend on various factors. The main difference between both is that on a buggy you navigate your dusty track using a wheel, whilst on a quad it is the bike handles that you use. Buggies are ideal for families as you kid can sit on a passenger seat next to you and just enjoy the ride! 

Quad tours require helmets wearing.

Both vehicles tours are priced the same. If you have doubts or simply wish to know more do send us a message or give us a call and we will answer any additional questions you may have!

1-hour tour

Short but sweet, it will take you into the mountains for that perfect view just before your kids get uneasy! Choose either a quad or a buggy.

from 90 euros per vehicle 


2-hour tour

The majority of us love just the right amount of challenge and this is what this tour provides. Take a good ride into the mountains and see what Costa del Sol has to offer! Choose either a quad or a buggy.

from 130 euros per vehicle

3-hour tour

This tour promises to take you into the depth of Malaga province that you have never seen before! Choose either a quad or a buggy.

from 170 euros per vehicle 


Why Us?

Best vehicles on the coast

Our vehicles are most expensive and most reliable – we do not compromise on quality.

Life-long experience of tour guiding

We have guided tours for most of our lives and know ins and outs of the activity.